The making of IDEA-LINKS, the book

In May 2007, I agreed to deliver a speech answering the question, “How Can I Become a More Creative Person?” But there was one problem: genius here didn’t know the answer.

I stewed long and hard for six weeks, painfully searching. One morning, an epiphany about creative people jolted me out of my chair and changed the course of my life for the next five years. The book is the full explanation of my realization, but I’ll tell you just enough to make sense of the title. Creative people unknowingly create a certain kind of idea-making element that we store away in our memories. These elements emerge, seemingly out of the blue, to connect to new problems and create new ideas. When I realized I could teach others how to “make” these idea elements, I knew I was on to something. I could make anyone more creative, if they were willing to do the work.

I gave these elements a name, first “connectors” and later, at the wise suggestion of a client, “idea-links.” The perfect name was also a stroke of branding luck: “idea-link” is the name of my company and includes my name. After a childhood filled with schoolyard taunts based on unfortunate rhymes, the Link surname finally worked in my favor.

Since that first speech in 2007, I continued to share my developing theory about idea-links at corporations and conferences. Putting my concept out in the world placed it at risk of being stolen, but it also allowed me to learn from each training session. While I honed the content, I continued to nudge the book toward publication, making sure it’s useful, engaging, and simple to understand.

After five years of refinement, I finally give IDEA-LINKS my stamp of approval. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!



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