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Four Ways to Make Your Product, Service or Company More Authentic

What do a 300-year-old Japanese toy, a moonshine recipe, an American Express operator, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie all have in common? Each satisfies our need for an authentic experience. In a world in which everyone “likes” everything, people we’ve just met become our “friends,” and 140-character “tweets” have drastically shifted how we communicate—it’s […]

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Creativity vs. Innovation: Yes, there is a difference.

During my workshops and speeches on creativity, I field lots of questions. None comes up more often than this fundamental one: Is there a difference between creativity and innovation? We toss both words around so frequently and in so many ways (often interchangeably), it’s understandable how their meanings blur. Knowing the vital difference between creativity […]

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Angry Birds’ Addictive Secret

Anytime you find something addictive—assuming it’s not pharmacological—you can bet there’s some deep human insight at play. My latest idea-link surfaced from the most mundane of tasks:  picking up books at a warehouse. There, Doug, the delightfully grouchy warehouse guy “greeted” me wearing jeans, an Angry Birds shirt and an expression that said “don’t even think […]

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The Hunger Games: Rip-Off or Spin-Off?

Ever make a decision that sounded good at the time, but left you wondering “what was I thinking” afterward? Add “attend midnight movie before early morning flight” to that list, right below “go to short timeshare presentation in Mexico to receive free drink coupon” and “buy two puppies to keep each other company.” After my […]

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What The Hunger Games Teaches Us About Creativity

This Thursday night, I’m going to the movies. At midnight. Like many parents of teenagers, I’ve been swept up (literally and figuratively) by the teen hysteria that is The Hunger Games. But here’s my confession: I can’t wait to go. I found The Hunger Games a thoroughly engrossing book, with plenty of symbolism and cautionary […]

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The making of IDEA-LINKS, the book

In May 2007, I agreed to deliver a speech answering the question, “How Can I Become a More Creative Person?” But there was one problem: genius here didn’t know the answer. I stewed long and hard for six weeks, painfully searching. One morning, an epiphany about creative people jolted me out of my chair and […]

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The Lure of Hidden Value

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Help I have a headache

No store beats Target for acquiring new packaging and merchandising idea-links. Oddly enough, the best way to find them is to not look for them. It’s better just to go about your business and see what catches your eye. If something grabs your attention despite your benign indifference, take note. That’s precisely what happened to […]

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